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Collectibles: 0

There are no scrolls to collect in this level so make your way up to the light, the roof tiles and then over the wall.

After the cut-scene you’ll be in a battle with the Shadow Empress. She can shadow dash around the arena and most of the time is only partially visible.

To complete this phase you’ll need to strike her four times. Try to keep an eye on her when she moves and don’t let her sneak up behind you. Dash towards her and strike when she’s within reach. She likes to hide up on the lights so remember to look up.

Once she takes enough damage she’ll float in the middle of the roam and shoot shadow flames at you. If she can’t see you she’ll shoot randomly. If she spots you she’ll direct her attacks towards you.

Make your way around to the left side of the arena and shadow leap up to the lights. Stand on the nearest one to her and wait for her to float up to the right spot.

Strike down to finish the battle. Enjoy the final cut-scene. Congratulations on completing Aragami!

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