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Collectibles: 6

The Military District is a shorter area but there’s still six scrolls to collect. Head through the gate and then if you want a good view of the courtyard shadow leap onto the red arch.

To find the first scroll head through the gate to the right. This one’s a little tricky to grab. You’ll need to shadow leap onto the roof to the left and then down to the plank with the Scroll.

Make your way back and then head across to the other side of the courtyard. Go through the gate and over the bridge. The second Scroll can be found at the end of a small boat. Watch out for the guard standing still next to the docks.

Grab the scroll and then head up the ramp on the other side. You want to head up the stairs with the red fencing on either side. Wait for the guards to walk past then make your way up.

Continue up the next set of stairs and then through the gate on the right side where you’ll find a shrine if you need to replenish your skills.

From here you can take a few different paths. Use your objective markers to find out what’s closest. There should still be four Scrolls and one Orb to find.

The nearest Scroll on the top floor of a building. The side of the wall has a hole in it so you can shadow leap straight up to it.

The fourth Scroll is in a cage near to the water. Luckily you can shadow leap into the cage to grab it.

From here continue along the walkway and across the river. Head into the lower floor of the building with the river going through it for a shrine. You can shadow leap through a grate in the roof for a shortcut.

Sneak past the guard to the room on the other side of the building and then head up the stairs. You’ll find the Orb on the top floor.

Smash the Orb and then go out through the window. Use shadow leap to get onto the roof above and back into the building. This is where you’ll find the next Talisman.

Break the Orb and then head out the window. Drop down to the path below and walk around the edge of the building until you find the next Scroll.

Head through the gate that head the light barrier. Make your way to the back right building and break the light Orb inside. Sneak around the outskirts of the courtyard and do almost a complete lap. Leap onto the roof near to the exit and head through the hole in the wall for the last Scroll.

Drop back down and go through the gate leading to the exit. There’s just one guard here which you can easily avoid. Leap through the gate by the water and run down the path to complete the chapter.

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