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Collectibles: 4

Fading Shadows is the first of four chapters added in the Nightfall DLC. You can choose from between one of two characters, Shinobu or Hyo. Both of them have exactly the same mechanics so it’s only their appearance that’s different. The game will give you a brief introduction to the basic game mechanics as you make your way through the building to meet your companion.

After opening the door to go outside look to the left to find the first Katana on a rock.

Sneak up to the first guard and take him out. Continue along the path and after sliding off the wooden walkway turn around to find the second Katana.

Sneak up to the three guards having a discussion and use either the Shadow Grenade or Explosive Kunai to distract or kill them. Run up to the next door and go through.

You’ll need to make your way across an open area with a rock bridge in the middle. Luckily you can sneak along the rock platforms by the cliff on the right. If you’re going for all the collectibles make sure you drop down behind the rock bridge to find the third Katana. It’s right under the bridge just behind the two guards.

From here make your way across to the door on the other side and go through. Refresh your abilities at the shrine and then head over the bridge.

Once again if you stick to the right side you can shadow leap across the pillars. Use Kage or move quickly to avoid being spotted.

Behind the archer head up the stairs on the left. The building here has the first piece of evidence that you need. It’s tricky getting past all the guards so you may want to draw a few of them away before getting inside.

Once inside examine the Scroll to collect the first Kaiho Intel. Sneak back outside and continue to the right.

In the next yard along with a statue at the back you’ll find the fourth and last Katana for this chapter.

Continue heading to the right to the next area with the building and shadow leap up to the balcony. Take out the archers or sneak past them and head upstairs. Examine the Scroll on the top floor for the second bit of Kaiho Intel.

Drop down on the other side of the building. Through the gate is the exit. You don’t have all the intel yet so make your way to the right towards the river.

The soldier in red is the one with the last piece of intel. Shadow leap up to the platform and kill the archers. It’s easiest to stick to the rooftops.

Make your way to the far corner and use the Twin Shadow ability to take out the nearby guard and the red guard at the same time.

Examine the red guard for the last Kaiho Intel and then make your way to the exit to complete the chapter.

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