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The first chapter is fairly straightforward and is more like a tutorial. Walk forwards to meet Yamiko, or at least her projection. She’s the one who summoned you.

Follow her through the gates by using the Shadow Leap. Along the way you’ll learn about Shadow Essence, how to aim and how to ledge leap.

When you ledge leap to the top of the building drop down the hole to find a Sword. After you’ve picked it up leave the building and follow Yamiko. Shadow leap onto the side of the wall and continue forwards until you meet a Kaiho, one of the Army of Light.

They can’t see you if you crouch down in the shadows. Make your way past the patrolling soldiers by leaping into the shadows of the statues. Enter the building on the other side.

Go through the grate in the ceiling and shadow leap down on the other side. You can drop down to kill the guard below or just ignore him.

Go through the courtyard to the next building and then up the stairs. Leap down to the ground and then onto the red arch. Leap around the soldier at the other end of the yard to complete the level.

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