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The Five Keys

Creature Cards: 17

In the next part of Botanicula you’ll need to find 5 keys hidden around this section and take them to a giant acorn that is closed with 5 locks. Your 5 characters are standing in the middle of a group of tall mushrooms. Go to the bottom left.

A little round creatures bumps into you and tells you about the evil black spider creatures. Continue down to the left.

Click on the hive and then either on the small fruit or the snail. When the snail eats the fruit you’ll be given a creature card. Go up to the left.

The first Key is stuck up the top of a large chamber. When you move your cursor over the balls inside you can push them around. Push the red ball through the first vent on the left, then the next one along and finally through the bottom chamber. You will get a creature card and the red ball will also knock the key closer to you so you can pick it up.

Go back to the right and then down to the left. A spider will scare you away and you’re creatures will run off to the right.

Click on the strange leaf and pull it off. This is a leaf map that you can look at to see where you are. Go down to the right.

When you enter this screen there is only one humming bird on the bottom branch. Hover over it until it starts to hum. More will appear. Hover over all the humming birds and more will appear. When all 7 have appeared and you keep all of them humming a large humming bird will appear. Click on it for a creature card. Enter the large humming bird’s mouth.

There is a little green bird here who spits out a Key. Use Mr. Poppyhead to try to grab it and then click on all the other creatures to have them help. Eventually you’ll be able to pick it up.

Go down to meet a creature I call Mr. Lollipop. He’ll tell you a story and you’ll get a creature card. Go up and then to the right and back to the left.

Click on the green leaf for a creature card and the pecking creature 3 times for another 2 creature cards.

Go right 3 times until you meet a little strange brown creature.

Follow the creature to the right. Wait until the strange musical creature drops down and then click on the little brown creature to scare the big one away and get a creature card. Go right.

There are a few spiky creatures here. Click on the long spike of the middle creature and drag it down to the left. When the little brown creature jumps up to it click on the spike again to flip him up into the air and get a creature card. Then click on the third Key and Mr. Feather will pick it up. Lastly click on the small green spiky creature to the right for another creature card.

Go left, left and down to the left.

Click on the red gumnut creature and he will come up. Click on him again and he’ll tell you a story. Click on him twice more for a creature card.

Go up to the right, left and up. You’ll bounce up to another branch. Go right to an area with a funnel.

When you bring your cursor near to the raspberry creatures they will jump out of the way. Make the largest raspberry creature hop into the funnel for a creature card. Go up to the right.

Click on the pea in the branch for a creature card and the stick insect 4 times for another creature card. Go up.

Click on the orange spotted egg and a white flying creature will come out. Follow it down.

Click on the white creature again and follow it to the right.

Click on the white flying creature again and it will lay three spotted eggs. Click on the eggs to hatch more white flying creatures and get a creature card. One of them will bring a key and drop it in the nest. Click on the fourth Key to grab it.

Go left, down and then to the right. Click on the key. A bee creature will take you away to a hive.

Click on Mr. Twig and click on the red dot at the end of the branch, then the left one, right one and the last red dot to reach the fifth Key and get a creature card.

Go right for a creature card. You’ll be brought back to this screen. Click on the arrow above the acorn to move over to it and the click on the five locks to unlock them and go inside.

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