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The Five White Orbs

Creature Cards: 5

You arrive in a dark area. There are 5 directions you can go but you need to click twice to make it past the dark monsters. We’ll start with the right path.

Right: Click on Mr. Lantern to make him glow an then click again on the monsters to shoot them. Continue drifting down through three screens until you can pick up the first white orb and get a creature card.

Top Right: 

The plant monsters will block your path as you try to reach the orb. Click on one to lower others. You need to click them in the right order to lower all of them. From their starting positions click on them in this order: 1, 3, 4, 5, 1, 7. Grab the second white orb and get a creature card.


You need to make it around to the pod with the orb in it. The black tick creature will put you in the first pod to the left. Click on Mr. Poppyhead to free him and then quickly click on his pod to move into it. Do the same with the next pod along. Click on Mrs. Mushroom to distract the black tick creature and then enter into the pod to grab the third white orb and get a creature card.

Top Left: Click on the white orb and you’ll see it’s attached to a large round creature. Click on one of the creatures legs or arms to make it fall over.

Click on the blob itself and it will split into 5 smaller blobs.

Chase the white orb until it’s connected to the blob second from left. Click on the red blob. Click to shoot creatures at Mr. Lantern, who’s in a bubble until he lands close to the fourth white orb so he can grab it. You’ll get a creature card.


Click on the strap creatures in this order, 1, 4, 2, 3 to tangle them up together. Quickly click on the fifth white orb while they’re still tangled to tie them in a knot. You can then grab the orb and get the final creature card.

With all the white orbs collected you can now go down to the south and win the game!

Congratulations on making it this far through Botanicula. I hope you have enjoyed this game. If you did, you may also like to check out Samorost 3.