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The Five Wishes

Creature Cards: 10

Click on the lamp and a genie will pop out and you’ll get a creature card. Each of your five characters is given a wish but Mr. Lantern doesn’t know what he wants yet. Start with the others first.

Mr. Feather – You’ll be transported to a branch with a little white ball and three leaves. Click on the white ball to start the concert. Two caterpillars will appear. Click on all of the instruments, and the pink caterpillars mouth to start it singing. Enjoy the concert. You’ll be given a creature card. When you’re done listing click on the triangle to end the concert.

Mr. Twig – Pull on the rope and pull it down. A Santa creature will appear and drop off a present. You’ll receive a creature card. Click on the present to open it.

Mr. Poppyhead – Click on the green seed to jump on the other end of the seesaw. Click on the green seed again and a giant raspberry creature will come out and jump on the seesaw. You’ll get a creature card. Click on the spaceship and a little astronaut will come out.

Mrs. Mushroom – Click on the handle and crank it clockwise to start the Ferris wheel and get a creature card. Click on the yellow creature when you are ready to go back.

Mr. Lantern – After the others have had their wishes Mr. Lantern figures out what he wants. Click on the string to untie it and a mug will fall on the spider and you’ll receive a creature card. You’ll head to the left, be attacked by more spiders and drop down to a new area.

Click on the head (on the left side above) and place it on the body of the green creature for a creature card and another story. Go right for another creature card, then up to the right and left.

You’ll notice a dandelion here. Shake it to remove all of the seeds and then grab the Dandelion and receive a creature card.

Go right, up, right and down to the right.

You’ll see a brown slug-like creature. When you click on him he’ll tell you he wants the bare dandelion. Give him the Dandelion for a creature card and he’ll give you a lift over to a new branch.

Go right to find the crying creature.

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