Getting Into The Bassinostra

After trying to punch Shay at the end of Act 1 Vella trips and falls into Mog Chothra, or the ship called the Bassinostra.

Click somewhere on the screen to get Vella to stand up. The talking knife will drop down from the roof. Talk to it until you have the option to bring it with you.

Head over to the right and you’ll see a tear in the ship. At the bottom is a something stuck in the wall. Go and pick up the space helmet. Use the talking knife on the worn out section of pipe hanging down on the right hand side.

Broken Age Act 2 Vella BassinostraBroken Age Act 2 maintenance panel

You need to connect up two of the vents by using the small pipe. The effects are random for every game but you need to ‘access maintenance panel 36‘ by connecting two vents together. You’ll now be able to climb up to the top of the pipe and use your talking knife to cut the long pipe at the worn out section.

Connect the long hose to two vents until it says ‘air transport system integrity restored‘. This will turn on anti-gravity in this area of the ship and Vella will go spinning up into the air. You’re quite close to a grabbing arm so use your helmet on the arm at the precise moment you spin towards each other and the arm will grab the helmet.

Broken Age Act 2 Vella Grabbing ArmBroken Age Act 2 Vella claw

With the grabbing arm now click on the magnetic boot at the right time you are facing it and the mechanical claw is closing. You now have a magnetic boot attached to a grabbing arm.

Use the grabbing arm once more on the mechanical claw when it is open. You’ll be drawn towards the claw. Click on the hatch to push off the claw and into the Bassinostra.

Getting Into The Control Room

Vella now finds herself inside the main part of the Bassinostra. Walk down the hallway and out the door. Vella will see a little hexi-gal waving a torch. The elevator is asleep at the moment so head out the door to the left.

Continue down the hallway. Push the debris out of the way when you come to it. Continue out of the door into the main area with the large view screen. Head to the north through the yellow door which will take you to another corridor.

Continue past the galley and click on the control room door. Shay’s mum has locked herself in there. You can talk to here but we won’t be able to get in just yet. Keep heading to the left into Shay’s room and climb down the vent into Marek’s area.

Broken Age Act 2 Vella JunkBroken Age Act 2 Vella and Marek

Marek appears to be trapped under a fallen pylon. Have a chat with him and ask him if he can open the locked doors. Leave Marek there and head out the door to the left. Continue until you come to the trophy room.

This room is a bit of a mess but it’s where we need to gather information to pass Vella off as Shay and get into the control room. There are three bits of information you need in order to find the color, size and pattern of Shay’s first space boots.

The medical report states that in one year he has gained 3 shoe sizes. In one of the other pictures we see he had a shoe size of 7. His first shoes must have been size 4. The trophy will tell us that he had purple boots and the statue of Shay’s first space boots have a polka dot pattern.

Head on through the elevator to the left and Vella’s head will grow bigger. This will also give Vella a slightly deeper voice which we need to fool Shay’s mum but her head is not big enough yet.

Head out of the teleporter room and go through the blue door. Continue on down the corridor until you come to another teleporter. Go inside and your head will be even bigger. Big enough to pass yourself off as Shay.

Head back through the yellow door now and talk to Shay’s mum through the control room door. Tell her that it’s the “engineering department” and she’ll think you are Shay. She will ask you three questions to verify that it is really Shay.

Broken Age Act 2 In the control room1) What was the name of your favorite stuffed animal? Answer is “Mister Huggy”

2) What was your favorite pet name? Anser is “Please can we not do this?”

3) What was the color, size and pattern of Shay’s first space boots? Answer is Purple, 4 and polka dot

After answering these questions correctly she’ll be convinced you are Shay and let you in the control room. Watch the following cut-scene.

Getting Out Of The Control Room

Now you’re in the control room grab the talking fork to the left. Have a talk to Hope and then click on the screen to talk to Marekai. We can’t get out of the control room so we need to do things remotely.

Click on the central control sphere up the top of the screen. This is where you can keep an eye on whats going on inside the ship and handle a few things remotely.

Broken Age Act 2 Vella Central Control SphereBroken Age Act 2 Vella Shay's Room

Click on the arrow to the left and you’ll view Shay’s room. Click on the grabbing arms on the top left of the screen. The arms will pick up and clean up the Shay doll and put him in the galley ready for breakfast.

Click on the arrow back to the right and then click to unlock the galley. We don’t need to look in the galley right now so click to the right once more. Unlock the door to the Space Weaver’s room.

Continue to the right and unlock both doors in the corridor. Go right once more and you’ll see the little hexi-gal. Unlock the door to the train room.

Broken Age Act 2 hexi-galThe hexi-gal will walk across the room if she has something to fix and if it’s dark. There is a little bit of timing involved. If you don’t make it you can try as many times as you need.

Click on the first lightning bolt next to the hexi-gal, then immediately the star next to the elevator. Before the hexi-gal has finished click on the next lightning bolt next to the train room and lastly the bolt next to the door to open it. She will walk out to the left.

Follow the hexi-gal to the left. This room is a little trickier to get her across. Click the five bolts and stars in order from right to left. You’ll turn off the first light, fix something on the wall, turn off two lights and open the left side door all in order. Once that’s done the hexi-gal will walk to the left. Watch the video above to see how it’s done.

Broken Age Act 2 hexi-gal central roomBroken Age Act 2 Taco Pill Tuesday

The central room is also a little tricky. Click on the bolt on the floor to fix the wiring then turn off the three lights that turn on overhead.

Click on the bolt by the Space Weavers door and then the bolt by the yellow door to get the hexi-gal to walk through to the top.

Head to the left and tell the hexi-gal to fix the wiring to the right of the control room door. She’ll get blown outside! Head into the galley and click on the hexagon below the menu sign until it says “Taco Pill Tuesday!” Click on the grabbing arm and the hexi-gal will grab onto it.

Let the hexi-gal out of the galley and follow her out. Break the wiring next to the control room door again and she’ll let you out. Now it’s time to make a bomb!

Making a Bomb

Put on the central control sphere in the control room and view the galley. Click on the menu until you find “Good Morning!” Then click on the grabbing arm. When the arm descends quickly click on pause to leave the cereal hanging there. A vacuum cleaner will clean up the cereal on the floor.

Head into Shay’s room and down the vent again to see some more of the story-line. There’s nothing we can do here so head back out.

Go to the elevator room and take the central one down to the Fusion Orb room. Try to pick it up and Vella will realize that it would make a pretty good bomb. We can’t take it with us yet as we need something to cool it down. How about some ice-cream?

Head towards the ice-cream avalanche room and try to walk up to the creatures. Vella will sink into the ice-cream so put on your cloud shoes and try again. Use the bowl on the ice-cream to grab some of it.

Walk outside and pull the junk in the corridor back into the center of the corridor to bar the way. We’ll need this to slow down the vacuum cleaner robot as we follow it to the trash chute.

Go back to the Fusion Orb Containment Area and put the fusion orb in the bowl of ice-cream.

Broken Age Act 2 Vella CerealBroken Age Act 2 Vella Bomb

Go to the galley and pull on the cereal box that you left hanging down to spill more cereal. Head to the elevator room quickly and take the right elevator. You’ll be right next to the trash chute. Click the bowl of ice-cream on the vaccuum cleaner robot and it will run away dropping the cereal.

The trash-chute has been left open so grab the cereal on the floor and then drop the bowl of ice-cream down the chute to end this part.

Vella’s Escape

Now that the bomb has been dropped it’s time to get out of here, fast! Head back to the ice-cream room and use the Shay doll on the whipped cream gun. This will blow the doll up to a life-like size. Visit the train room and show the Shay doll to the creatures. When one of the creatures asks to do the wave say “Yeah, let’s do the wave.” One of the creatures will get it’s thread caught and it will unwind.

Broken Age Act 2 Vella Shay DollBroken Age Act 2 talking to maidens

Next head down the left teleporter in the teleport room and go through the trophy room to Marekai’s room. To the right of the door pull the hexagonal plate that’s loose to expose the wiring. You’ll now be able to talk to the maidens through the door.

Tell the maidens that you have some cereal and sprinkle some out by the door. They’ll try to bring it closer with a hook. Grab the hook and try to unlock the door by clicking on the wiring. Marekai will come out to see what the problem is.

Walk around the other way to Marekai area through Shay’s room and hit the button by the computer. This will lock the door and trap Marekai in his bedroom. Pick up the Red Hangar star chart to the left of the computer.

Go to the Space Weaver and click the yarn on the fork. The fork will wind it up into a neat pile. Place the fork with yarn on top of the Space Weaver’s head.

Broken Age Act 2 Fixing the Space WeaverBroken Age Act 2 navscarf

Give the Red Hangar star chart to the Space Weaver. Climb down the ladder and use the hook on the navscarf. You’ll need to enter in the return location for the ship which is mid, mid, high, low, mid. It’s the tune that Alex played with the pitch pipe.

You’ll return to the control room to talk to Hope. If you haven’t finished Shay’s side of the story you’ll need to do that before you can continue any further to the Plague Dam.