Treetop Trouble is the second run and gun level for Cuphead and is markedly more difficult then the first.¬†For the first part of this level you’ll need to run along to the right while ducking and jumping over the rolling enemies. You’ll also need to watch out for the woodpeckers that will peck down from above.

You can pick up a gold coin along the way. If you miss the parry slap on the enemy to reach it you can jump and dash towards it from the right side and still pick it up. At the far right of the tree you’ll find the second gold coin hidden behind the bark of the tree.

Now make your way up the tree, avoiding or killing the nasty tree stumps and flies along the way. There’s a third gold coin on the right side that you’ll need to jump up from a moving platform to reach. Once you reach the top of the tree exit to the right.

Now it’s time to jump across the flies holding the leaves. You can only stay on them for about a second before they disappear and a fireball shoots up from below it.

Treetop Trouble Boss

It’s not enough to run and gun you’ll also need to defeat the boss as well! Luckily he doesn’t have much health. Hop from one leaf to the other. He’ll shoot out fireballs that destroy the leaves but luckily they are replaced within a few seconds.

Once the boss is defeated jump and dash across to the right to complete the stage.

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