Inkwell Isle 2 is the second world in Cuphead and looks more like a fairground. The bosses are much more difficult to defeat and there’s a pool on the right side of the island that you can look into to find out how many times you’ve died. Like the first world there are 5 bosses that you’ll need to defeat in order to get their contracts, 2 run and gun levels and a Mausoleum.


Sugarless Shimmy – Baroness Von Bon Bon

Pyramid Peril – Djimmy the Great

Carnival Kerfuffle – Beppi the Clown

Aviary Action – Wally Warbles

Fiery Frolic – Grim Matchstick

Run and Gun

Funfair Fever

Funhouse Frazzle


Mausoleum 2


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