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The Funhouse Frazzle is quite a tricky level where you’ll need to parry pink cards to change the gravity around. Every time you slap a card the gravity will switch between upside and right way up. For the first part of the level you’ll face two obstacles, a train of cars and a duck with little ducklings.

You can’t avoid the cars so whatever side it comes on you’ll need to be on the opposite side. If the car train comes along on the ground level parry slap the pink cards to change gravity so you can walk on the roof. This means you have to deal with the ducks. Either shoot them or blink through them.

One of the ducklings will be pink so you can slap it for an extra card. Just be careful not to accidentally slap one of the little floating cards and change the gravity when you least expect it. Along the way you’ll find the first Gold Coin. You’ll need to be upside down to grab it.

Once you make it through this section a green and white wall will be blocking your path. It opens up it’s mouth and release the car trains and also lips that will float towards you. Shoot the wall in the eye until it breaks.

Past the wall you’ll have to dodge past stars shooting cannon balls at you while little rockets ride towards you. If the stars are low to the ground use the floating pink cards to walk along the roof. The little rockets can easily be shot before they do any damage.

Next you’ll need to jump across to platforms with travelators on them. There’s also a few trombones blocking the path. It’s easiest to shoot them before continuing.

Continue making your way to the right. You’ll have one more wall to get through. Shoot it in the eye and then when it breaks jump through to the other side to complete the level.

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