Descent is a 3D first-person shooter developed by Parallax Software and released for the PC in 1995. You command a small spacecraft that travels through the mines of the solar system while destroying the many infected mining bots. To upgrade the graphics on the original game install DXX-Rebirth.

There are 27 levels and 3 secret levels, with increasing difficulty. You need to find the reactor core, blow it up and then get out of there before the entire mine collapses on you. As an optional objective you can rescue the stranded miners who have been captured by the robots.

Getting lost is easy in a 3D environment as you fly upside-down and sideways through corridors and large cavernous rooms. You have the option of using keyboard only, or a mix of keyboard, mouse and joystick. To acess the secret levels you’ll need to find the hidden exits on levels 10, 21 and 24.

Descent Walkthrough


Level 1: Lunar Outpost
Level 2: Lunar Scilab
Level 3: Lunar Military Base


Level 4: Venus Atmospheric Base
Level 5: Venus Nickel-Iron Mine


Level 6: Mercury Solar Lab
Level 7: Mercury Core


Level 8: Mars Processing Station
Level 9: Mars Military Dig
Level 10: Mars Military Base
Secret Level 1: Asteroid Secret Base


Level 11: Io Sulfur Mine
Level 12: Callisto Tower Colony
Level 13: Europa Mining Colony
Level 14: Europa CO2 Mine


Level 15: Titan Mine
Level 16: Hyperion Methane Mine
Level 17: Tethys H2O Mine


Level 18: Miranda Mine
Level 19: Oberon Mine
Level 20: Oberon Platinum Mine
Level 21: Oberon Iron Mine
Secret Level 2: Asteroid Military Depot


Level 22: Neptune Storage Depot
Level 23: Triton Storage Depot
Level 24: Nereid Volatile Mine
Secret Level 3: Asteroid Robot Factory


Level 25: Pluto Outpost
Level 26: Pluto Military Base
Level 27: Charon Volatile Mine