Enemies: Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Advanced Lifter, Secondary Lifter, Driller, Heavy Driller, Platform (Laser)

This level has a top flat room with many sprawling passageways leading out from it which can make it difficult to navigate if you don’t know where you’re going. To clear out the top room open the first door, kill the Driller in the alcove to the right, open the secret wall behind it and grab the Cloaking Device. Now you should be able to hunt down all the Drillers in this room without them spotting you.

There’s a few Robot Generators around the edges of this room that spawn Laser Platform robots. They drop Shield Boosters so you should gain more shields then you lose.

With the sprawling passages it’s hard to give precise directions on where to find each key. To find the Blue Access Key you can start by taking the second door on the left, when you enter from the entrance. This will send you off in the right direction. Once you have the key come back to the flat room at the beginning of the level and go down the central hole to find the Blue Door. You’ll find the Yellow Access key in the gap between in the wall between the two large rooms. On the Opposite side you’ll find the Hostages.

Make your way back to the Yellow door and fly through. The passage branches off to an upper and lower passage. Follow the lower passage to find the Red Access Key. The upper passage leads to the Red Door. Go through the Red Door and follow the passage to the Reactor Core.

Reactor: The Reactor is located up on the far wall and is protected by half a dozen of the smaller robots. Destroy the reactor and make your way to the exit.

Exit: Go back out through both Red Door and the exit is on the opposite side of the room.

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