Enemies: Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Supervisor, Driller, Plasma Driller, PTMC, Missile Platform

Head out into the hallway, take out the robots and then clear out both domes on either side of the long hall. The dome to the left has an Energy Center. Head back to the hall and go through the door about half-way down. The Blue Door is just to the left and a Robot Generator is next to it. The Blue Access Key is in the dome ahead. The Yellow Door is here as well so you’ll be back here later.

Grab the blue key and head through the Blue Door. Make your way down the tunnel to a new area. The hole in the floor leads to the Hostages and the Red Door. Continue forwards until you can see the Yellow Access Key behind a grate. Head through the door to the right and up to another hallway. You can explore more areas here but if you want to go straight to the access key head to the right and go down the tunnel to pick up the key. Make your way back to the Yellow Door.

Take out the robots, make your way to the end of the area and drop down to pick up the Red Access Key. Head back through the Blue Door and go down. Pick up the Hostages and then head through the Red Door.

Take out the robots flying around the top area of this cavern. In one of the corners there’s a secret in the floor with Invulnerability. Pick it up and fly down to take out all the robots hiding under the alcoves down below.

Reactor: If you have an Invulnerability saved from the Blue area head back now and pick it up. Quickly head back through the Red Door and then the lower Red Door leading to the reactor. Fly into the reactor room to trigger the release of robots behind you. Take them out and then carefully shoot the reactor.

Exit: Back out through the Red Door and then on then immediately on the left wall at the bottom of the cavern.

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