Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Lifter, Cloaked Lifter

The Medium Lifter makes their first introduction in this level. As long as you keep away from them you’ll have no trouble dealing with them as they’re close combat droids only. Fly forwards, take out the robots and then fly through the tunnel in the ceiling to the Blue Access Key.

Head back to the hub room and go through the door leading to the purple tunnel. In the next room go through the door to the right which leads to the Blue Door and an Energy Center. Replenish your energy if you need to and then go through the Blue Door.

Take the door in the ceiling and fly through to a room with the Yellow Access Key. In the corner you’ll find the door to the Hostages. Go back through the Blue Door, then the door opposite. Follow the purple tunnel back to the hub. As you come out of the purple tunnel go through the next door on the right side. Follow the tunnel through to the Yellow Door.

In the next room is a Robot Generator that will spawn half a dozen robots as you enter. Pick up the Red Access Key and leave the room. Head down on of the two doors on the side and rescue the next set of Hostages. Follow the passages around until you come to the Red Door.

Reactor Core: The reactor is in a room with lava on the floor and protected by Lifters and Hulks. There are Robot Generators on either side, making it a little bit difficult to focus on destroying the core. Once the core is destroyed head back out the Red Door.

Exit: From the Red Door take the first left into the purple room and go through the tunnel in the roof to the exit.

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