Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Medium Lifter, Cloaked Lifter, Advanced Lifter, Secondary Lifter, Vulcan Driller, Cloaked Driller, Plasma Driller, PTMC, Laser Platform, Missile Platform, Mini Boss

You’ll encounter almost all of the robot types in this level. The Red Door is found pretty early on, with the Yellow Door next to it. They’re protected by a Super Hulk and 2 Plasma Drillers.

The Blue Access Key can be found in an open room with a Plasma Driller. Once you have it make your way to the Blue Door and carefully take out the Laser Platforms before going inside. Head around to the Yellow Access Key which is protected by Lifters and a Driller. On the left side is a large open room. Try to snipe as many of the robots as you can from this protected corridor.

Make your way back to the Yellow Door. Lifters will drop from the roof as you continue down the corridor on the other side. To the left and right in the next room are Robot Generators that spawn Lifters and Cloaked Lifters. Watch out for the Drillers on the other side of the wall.

In this area you’ll find the Hostages and the Red Access Key. The key is down by the lava and guarded by 3 Super Hulks so be cautious when going down the tunnel towards the lava floor. Make your way back to the Red Door and get ready to take out the reactor.

Reactor: Open the Red Door and fly down the tunnel. Alcoves will open up behind you with Drillers and Super Hulks. The Reactor is guarded by the Mini Bosses. Try to snipe them from around the corner. Once you’ve taken out one or two you should be able to shoot the reactor from the corner.

Exit: Back out through the Red Door and opposite the Yellow Door.

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