Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Cloaked Hulk, Advanced Lifter, Supervisor Robot, Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider, Driller, Heavy Driller, Platform (Laser), Platform (Missile)

Open the door and take out the robots in the next room, including the 2 Platform (Lasers) hiding around the central wall. For some extra loot fly through the passage in the roof. In one of the rooms there’s a secret in the corner with a Shield Booster and Smart Missile. Go back to the previous room and take the path under the entrance. This takes you to the room with 3 doors on one side.

Take the passage opposite the three doors to a cavernous room. Behind the wall with the white stripe you’ll find the Blue Access Key. Go back to the room with 3 doors and go through the center door to find the Blue Door. There are two large pits beyond the blue door. There’s an Energy Center at the bottom but it’s guarded by 2 Super Hulks. Towards the bottom of the second pit you’ll find the Yellow Access Key.

Opposite the Blue Door are 2 passages leading to the Yellow Doors and a central door leading to the Red Door. Go down one of the side passages and explore the yellow area to find the Hostages and the Red Access Key.

Head back, go through the door between the two passages and then fly down to the Red Door. The next area is the most difficult of this level. There are 2 Robot Generators and they’ll trigger multiple times as you try to enter the room. One spawns Drillers and the other Hulks. Take them out while hiding around the corner or use Smart Missiles if you need to. A room above the Driller spawner has an Invulnerability which you can use for the reactor room. The exit is also in the room with the spawners.

Fly down one of the pits and clear out the corridors surrounding them. When you’re done fly up and grab the Invulnerability. Fly back down through the Red Door at the bottom.

Reactor: If you have the invulnerability take out all of the robots first, especially the Missile Platforms. Once that’s done destroy the reactor. Make sure you pick up the Cloaking Device before making a run for the exit.

Exit: At the top of the pit on one of the walls in the Robot Generator room.

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