Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Super Hulk, Cloaked Hulk, Advanced Lifter, Secondary Lifter, Cloaked Lifter, Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider, Driller, Heavy Driller

The first door opens out into a large area. Take out the Super Hulk in the alcove to the right before dealing with the other robots. There’s a secret on the top of the wall on the left side with the Fusion Cannon.

Go through the door opposite the entrance to another small area. The Yellow Door is to the left and a Robot Generator on the wall opposite. Dive down to the lava below. You’ll notice the Blue Door about half-way down on the left. The Energy Center is right at the bottom on the right side.

Leave the Energy Center and go through the tunnel to the right. Look up in the central structure to see the exit. There’s also a secret exit just before the Red Door on the left wall. The Blue Access Key is also located here behind a grate. Shoot the wall to the left for a secret door. Fly around and pick up the key.

Fly up to the Blue Door, take out the few robots and pick up the Yellow Access Key. Continue flying up the chamber to the top. The Robot Generator will be spawning robots so take them out before going through the Yellow Door.

When you go through the yellow door you’ll see three doors on the other side. There are secret areas to the left and right with an Invulnerability and Cloaking Device. Go through the door on the left and fly down the tunnel. At the end you’ll see the Red Access Key behind a grate. Fly through the tunnel to the left. At the intersection take a left and then drop down to pick up the Red Access Key.

Make your way back to the Red Door and fly over the lava. The Hostages are located in a prison on the left side. Super Hulks guard the entrance to the reactor. Carefully take them out from a distance.

Reactor: The wall to the reactor will open for a few seconds when you fly over the pillar in the center of the room. There are Cloaking Devices behind secret walls to the left and right. Pick up a Cloaking Device, activate the wall and take out the 2 Super Hulks. Pick up the second Cloaking Device, activate the wall again and this time destroy the reactor.

Exit: Just outside the Red Door activate the secret wall to the right. The secret exit is just inside this room. The normal exit is in the top of the big structure just outside the passage leading to the reactor.

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