Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Hulk

Head forwards and at the intersection follow the tunnel around to the left. Make your way through the tunnel to a large room with doors all around and a depression in the middle. Go through one of the side doors, I think it’s to the left to find the Spreadfire Cannon. The Blue Door is located on one of the walls of the depression.

The door in the corner leads to the Blue Access Key guarded by just a few Class 2 Drones. Grab the key and then go through the Blue Door. Make your way down the tunnel and watch out for the Small Hulks in the room at the bottom.

Take the tunnel at the other side of the room on the right. Half way along the tunnel is a small passage on the wall to the right. Go inside for the Yellow Access Key. When you grab the key the walls open on either side of the room, releasing Class 2 Drones.

Go back to the tunnel and continue along it to the end to find the Hostages. Across from them you’ll see the Red Door but you don’t have the access key for it yet. The Yellow Door is just to the right of the Red Door. Go through and take out the Small Hulks. Behind the wall behind them you’ll find the Red Access Key. Take note of the exit at the end of the room. Pick up the red key and go through the Red Door.

Reactor Core: The reactor is up the top of the tower, guarded by a group of Small Hulks. Take out the hulks first before destroying the core. Quickly fly back through the yellow door and out the exit.

Exit: The exit is through the yellow door at the end of the room.

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