Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk

This level is a little larger than the first although it contains the same enemies and is just as easy. When you open the door just ahead you’ll enter a hub area with passages leading out from all sides and Class 1 Drones flying around. The Red Door is on the bottom level to the right and the door directly below you as you enter leads to the Blue Door. The other 3 doors can be done in any order.

The two doors ahead lead around to the Blue Access Key which is guarded by 2 Small Hulks and Class 2 Drones. From here take the passage the slopes down to the Hostages. Make your way back to the hub and go through the door under where you entered the level. Take out the 2 Class 1 Drones and then go through the Blue Door.

Fly down the tunnel to a room with an Energy Center on either side. Straight ahead is the Red Access Key guarded by Small Hulks. Grab the key and head back to the hub, then go through the Red Door.

Reactor Core: Fly forwards towards the Reactor Core. On the way you’ll pick up Laser Level 2. The Reactor Core is guarded by Small Hulks on every side. There’s plenty of room to fly around so take them out and then blow up the core.

Exit: Head back the way you came through two doors and the fly up through the exit in the ceiling.

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