Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Cloaked Hulk, Advanced Lifter, Secondary Lifter, Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider, Driller

The Hulks and Drillers hiding around in the corridors make this level fairly difficult. Watch out for the Hulks at the bottom of the holes in the floor leading down to the lava. The passages are more like a honeycomb and they all connect up so it’s hard to give precise directions on where to go.

Take one of the holes down to the lava level and hunt around for the Hostages. Take the small lava passage along to a lower lava room with the Blue Access Key.

Explore the lava area until you find a large round passage leading upwards. Open the door up the top and then go through the Blue Door. Fly down the passage and quickly pick up the Cloaking Device at the end. Fly forwards, pick up the Yellow Access Key and escape the way you came before the robots can get a lock on you. You can destroy them if you want but it will take some careful aiming.

Fly back to the lava passages and find the stone tunnel leading down. Fly down and take out the robots from the Robot Generator. Fly down into the lava passages and pick up the Red Access Key from the lowest area. The middle level has the Yellow Door. Go through it and follow the passages around to the Red Door which is protected by a Super Hulk.

Reactor: Little robots will be leaving bombs everywhere. Try to hunt them down or just ignore them and blow up the bombs as you go. Wind your way down the lava tunnels until you spot the reactor. Take it down and then quickly fly up the way you came.

Exit: Go back through the Red Door and towards the Yellow Door. Just before the Yellow Door turn up and fly through the tunnel in the roof towards the exit.

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