Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Cloaked Lifter, Advanced Lifter, Driller, Heavy Driller, Platform (Laser), Gopher Robot

This level sees the introduction of the Gopher Robot. It’s a little white robot that sneaks up behind you and leaves bombs. This level has many of those robots but on the whole it’s relatively easy to complete.

Begin by taking out the Gophers. Both passages, to the right and left, lead to the same tunnel system underneath, a circular tunnel with a v-shaped platform in the middle. Watch out for the Drillers in the v-shaped platform. Around the outskirts you’ll find the Blue, Yellow and Red Doors.

Head to the v-shaped platform, grab the Invulnerability and go down the hole in the center. Take out the Hulks and Drillers to find the Blue Access Key.

Through the Blue Door you’ll see a large open room with Cloaked Lifters. There’s a Robot Generator on one side but you won’t have to worry about it if you’re quick. Head through the door on the opposite side and take out the Drillers and Hulks. Straight ahead is the Yellow Access key. There are four passages going off from the sides with extra loot. One of them has a Super Hulk so be careful. Grab a Cloaking Device from one of the side rooms and make a run back to the main area.

Head through the Yellow Door that leads to two complex rooms that seem to be similar. At the end of each of them is a prison with the Hostages. Hunt around for the Red Access Key and then make your way to the Red Door.

Shoot a couple of Smart Missiles before enter through the Red Door to kill the Super Hulk hiding directly above the door. The Reactor is through the passage to the right. You can shoot it easily from this room.

Reactor: Shoot it from the room you enter after going through the Red Door.

Exit: On the left side of the room.

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