Enemies: Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Advanced Lifter, Secondary Lifter, Vulcan Driller, Cloaked Driller, Plasma Driller, PTMC, Laser Platform, Missilge Platform, Mini Boss

This level is based around a circular maze. You’ll need to work your way around the outskirts to find the keys and then progressively towards the center of the mine to find the Reactor. There’s some tough enemies in this level, including Mini Bosses. Luckily there’s a few Shield Boosters you can pick up along the way. This level also has a secret exit in the wall opposite the Red Door.

Reactor: Super Hulks roam around the reactor room. You should be able to take most of them out, and the Reactor from the Red Door.

Exit: The secret exit is located behind the secret wall opposite the Red Door.

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