Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Medium Lifter, Cloaked Lifter, Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider, Driller

The toughest level yet, with a boss fight at the end! The Blue Door is up and to the left of where you begin and the Yellow Door in the far right corner. Go through the door in the middle on the left wall. After killing the robots you’ll see the blue key floating behind a grate at the far wall.

Head back out and go through the tunnel to the left of the Yellow Door. Hug the left wall and go through the next door. Lift up over the walkway, turn around and fly through the higher tunnel. Go through two doors and then take a left to find the Blue Access Key.

Go back to the starting room and head through the Blue Door. Kill the Cloaked Lifters, fly up over the red beams and through the tunnel to a room with lava floor. Be careful as there’s a Super Hulk protecting the Yellow Access Key. Using Homing Missiles to destroy it and pick up the key.

Head back to the entrance and go through the Yellow Door. Somewhere in this maze room with Small Hulks you’ll find a gap in the roof with the Red Access Key.

The Hostages can be found by going through the door at the far side of the room, killing the Super Hulk and accessing the secret through the floor. This leads around to the prison cell where you can free the men.

Make your way back through the Yellow Door and then go through the upper passage next to it. Follow the passages forwards to a room with a small dome in the middle. The Red Door is at the end of a tunnel built into the side of the small dome. SAVE your game here before facing the boss.

Boss Fight: There is no reactor, just a boss. The Red Door locks shut behind you. Focus on killing the smaller robots first. There’s a cloaking shield in a cave at the bottom of the central column. To avoid the bosses attacks stick close to the center. The boss will teleport in front and behind you while firing homing projectiles. You can hide in one of the tunnels in the center column for a bit of respite. Once the boss is defeated the exit will open.

Exit: At the top on the outer wall.

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