Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Secondary Lifter, Cloaked Lifter, Supervisor Robot, Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider, Driller, Heavy Driller

This level is fairly tricky due to the number of Super Hulks and Drillers. Luckily the paths to the various sections are quite linear so it’s hard to get lost. Make your way forwards and down until you reach the Robot Generator. You’ll pass the Blue Door along the way. Kill any robots that spawn and open one of the doors. The Yellow Door is to the left and the path to the right leads to a series of chambers. Before descending into the first chamber open the secret door on the right wall. Pick up the Invulnerability and fly around to the left and right to destroy the Super Hulks.

Go back to the chamber entrance and open the door to the second entrance in the floor. Kill the Cloaked Lifter and drop down. There are four Medium Hulks, one in each exit, so keep moving. Take them out and hunt down the Supervisor Robot. It will drop another Invulnerability. Pick it up and fly down one of the entrances in the side corridors to the lowest chamber. Take out all the robots quickly and fly along one of the tunnels with lava to pick up the Blue Access Key.

Fly back to the Blue Door and go through. Follow the twisting tunnels around until you find the Yellow Access Key. There are robots roaming these corridors but you can mostly avoid them. Fly out and head to the Yellow Door.

The most difficult part here is flying down the tunnel with Super Hulks at the bottom. Carefully take them out and then fly down. The Hostages are found in various prisons on the middle level. Fly to the bottom and take one of the side tunnels to find the Red Access Key. As you make your way back up the tunnel the end will open up and another Super Hulk will appear. Fly back to the beginning of the level and go through the Red Door.

Reactor Core: The tunnel up leads to the exit. Kill the Cloaked Lifter and hopefully it will drop a Cloaking Device. Fly down, take out the 2 Drillers and then use a Mega Bomb to kill the Super Hulks around the reactor. Destroy the reactor and fly back up the tunnel to the exit.

Exit: Up the tunnel on the other side of the reactor.

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