Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Medium Lifter, Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider, Driller

The Drillers are a new robot and this level is crawling with them. They attack with the Vulcan Cannon which hits almost immediately, giving you very little time to get out of the way. Use homing missiles around corners when you can. Drillers blow up with a single missile.

Take out the Class 1 Drones and then shoot them as they spawn in the two Robot Generators just ahead. Take the path to the right and then up the ramp on the left. Open the door to meet your first Driller. Fire a Flare and then a missile right behind it to kill it quickly. Continue around past the lava to see the Hostages behind a grate. To get to them shoot the wall on the left to open up a secret. Fly through and blast open the doors to rescue them.

Head out and go through the door on the other side of the grate. Follow the next tunnel to the right which leads to a room with a Driller. The door on the other side leads to a hall with other pathways leading off from it. You’ll need to explore these until you find a passage in the ceiling that leads to a room with a Medium Hulk. It guards the Blue Access Key. Grab it and head to the other side of the hall to where you’ll find the Red Door. There’s Super Hulks with homing missiles flying around so be very careful.

The Blue Door is off to the left. Go through and follow the path around to a room with the Yellow Access Key. Head back to the lava room with the Red Door. Before taking the path to the right pick up the Cloaking Device from the floor of the lava. Follow the path to the right and go through the Yellow Door.

The Red Access Key is just ahead and the path seems clear but it’s a trap. When you move forwards over the lava the walls will open up and the room will fill with robots. There’s a secret in the floor just in front of the Yellow Door. Activate it for Invulnerability. Now you can mop up the robots and grab the Red Access Key. Make your way back to the Red Door for the final part of this level.

Reactor Core: The reactor is down below and off to the left. It’s protected by a Super Hulk. Try to shoot and hide behind the wall to avoid being picked off by the homing missiles. Once the hulk has been destroyed take down the reactor.

Exit: Same room, opposite the Red Door.

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