Enemies: Class 1 Drone, Small Hulk, Medium Hulk, Super Hulk, Supervisor, Driller, Plasma Driller, PTMC, Missile Platform, Mini Boss

The second last level forces you to fly through small passages with grating on the walls so you can be shot at from all sides. Fly forwards to the intersection (the Blue Door is on the left) and continue forwards through the door on the opposite side. Continue forwards to a small hub with doors on each side.

The door to the right leads to the area outside the Blue Access Key. You want to clear this out before going through the passage to collect the key. The door opposite the entrance leads through an Energy Center and eventually around to the Blue Access Key.

Make your way back to the first junction and then through the Blue Door. Head down the tunnel to see the Yellow Door. Follow the path around to the right and explore some of the areas outside the tunnels. Eventually you’ll find the area outside the first junction. It will be filled with Mini Bosses and other robots. Now would be a good time to use those Mega Missiles. The Red Door is here as well so you’ll need to come back later. Once the room is clear collect the Yellow Access Key and head back to the Yellow Doors.

Make your way around to a room with a lava floor and a couple of Super Hulks. Take them out, pick up the Red Access Key and head back to the Red Door.

Reactor: Pick up the Invulnerability in the middle of the room and then go through the Red Door to the reactor. You should have time to quickly take out all the Super Hulks before going for the reactor.

Exit: Out the Red Door, through the door opposite and then fly up through the roof.

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