The first few chambers are fairly easy although you will still need to work together to open the doors to the exits. You start on either side of a glass wall. There are windows in some of the glass walls so one player can shoot portals across to the other side. Press Tab to see your partners point of view.

When GLaDOS tells you ping the wall and then the sloped wall above the portal gun. GLaDOS will place the portals for you. Go through and collect the portal gun. Place a portal on the wall ahead and then one on the wall above the ledge. Go through and continue forwards.

Blue needs to stand on the red button to open the door for Orange. Orange goes through and stands on the red button to let Blue through. In the next room Orange shoots through the gap in the glass and places one portal on the wall in the Blue area and another on the other side of the wall so that Blue can get past the wall.

Both players press the button to get a cube. Place the cube on the button to get to the next room.

Blue presses button to drop a cube for Orange. Orange picks up cube and drops it through the window to Blue. Blue goes around and drops it back to Orange. Orange places cube on the button to open the next door.

Orange stands on button to remove barriers. Blue shoots through window to place portals so Orange can reach the red button. Press red button to make a bridge to the exit.

You’ll be taken to the hub area where you can choose your next set of testing chambers. If this is your first time only “Team Building” will be accessible.

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