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After the “surprise” head through the door and drop down to the next testing chamber. Place a portal on the wall or floor and the other behind the ledge on the back wall. Place a portal at the top of the light bridge and one on the floor between the two bouncers. Press the red button and two cubes will fall down and bounce into the light bridge. You can now portal back to the other side and pick them up.

Use the first cube to direct the laser towards the two glass detectors. Then use the second cube to deflect the laser onto the turret. Take the second cube on place it on the corner of the platform so that the laser runs through the next set of glass detectors and then into the laser receptor.

Use the light bridge to get over to the exit and make your way to the next area. On the lift ride down you’ll catch up with Wheatley who seems to be working on a plan to escape.


In this room there’s a cube on a high ledge to the left, a cube on the floor and a cube to the right. Portal over to the cube to the right and drop down the cube. Use the bouncer with portals to jump through and knock off the cube from the high ledge. You should now have 3 laser cubes.

Use the cubes by placing them in the alcoves and deflecting the laser in the shape of a “W’. With the last cube deflect the laser to destroy the turrets before sending the laser to the final receptor. Use portals and the bouncer to fling yourself over to the exit.


Another laser puzzle. Place a portal on the pillar facing the 3 receptors. Go to the laser room and place a portal on the wall where one of the lasers is already hitting. The first laser should already be lined up with one of the receptors. Use the other two cubes to deflect the lasers to the other 2 receptors to open the exit.


Place a portal at the end of the light bridge and one on the far wall so you can reach the button. Press the button and walk forwards to pick up the cube. The chamber will shut down and Wheatley will appear. Follow him out the exit he opens and make your escape. You’ll need to knock over a few turrets and make a couple of portals along the way but nothing too difficult. Finally enter the lift to end this section.

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