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The Prologue is more of a training level that lets you get used to the controls and solving simple puzzles. You begin taking control of a young Guybrush after he and his friend get kicked out of a store.

Clicking on the ground will make you walk to the that location. Double-clicking will make Guybrush run. Hovering over an object will look or interact with that object. Often the left button will look and the right button will interact.

You can press Tab to see all interactable items on the screen. Click on the little bag in the lower left or press ‘I’ to open your inventory. You can look at or grab items from your inventory or combine them together. Your inventory will have a To-Do-List which gives you an idea of what you need to be doing next.

Enter the Scurvydogs shop and speak to the vendor. Grab the Outhouse Key from the pegleg and go outside. Walk to the left and use the Key to open the Outhouse door.

Look around the outhouse and grab the Slug (Fake Coin) from the floor. Leave, go back to the Scurvydog and give the Slug to the shopkeeper. He’ll give each of you a Scurvydog.

With that done head to the right and you’ll find a larger area to explore. Dee will be waiting for you. Take a look at the large Anchor and Dee will tell you all about it. You can press ‘.’ to skip to the next dialogue or ‘,’ to repeat past dialogues.

Next you’ll want to beat Chuckie at a race. Click on the racetrack to start the running race. After Dee counts you down double-click beyond the finish line to run past Chuckie and win the race.

Your next objective is to feed the duck. Talk to the couple by the small lake and Chuckie will distract them. Quickly grab a piece of Bread. Feed the Bread to the duck.

On the other side of the lake you’ll see a red pile of Ketchup. Pick it up and combine it with your Scurvydog in your inventory.

At the back you’ll see a sword-fighting area. Click on the boat to start a sword fight with Chuckie. Continue along the path and take a look at the sign by the small grassy area.

You need to find a Four-Leaf Clover. Either press Tab to find it or move the cursor around until you can pick it up.

Walk to the right, pick up the Coin and throw it in the well. You’ll get one wish. Pick whatever you want and then open the gate to the right. Walk along the path to the right to find your parent.

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