Main Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough

You’ll begin the game trapped on the Endar Spire which is under attack by Malak’s forces. Trask Ulgo, a soldier for the Republic, will give you a brief overview of what’s going on and help you out with some of the basic controls.

Endar Spire 1First head towards your footlocker and open it to find your clothes. You’ll also find your Blaster Pistol and a few other items.

Trask will join your party and you’ll need him to open the locked door by using his Security skill.

Click on Trask in the lower left or Tab over to him and then select the door.

As you run out of your bedroom Carth Onasi will come up on a display warning you of the Sith and telling you to get to the bridge.

As this is the first level of the game there’s only one way to go. Follow the corridors around and when you come across some Sith Soldiers you’ll be given a short tutorial on combat. Check all the bodies for items as some of them drop grenades and other equipment. In the first room with Sith make sure to look in the Metal Box and Footlocker for extra loot.

Endar Spire BridgeUse your grenade if you come across too many of them and medpac up if you’re low on health. When you get to the door before the bridge Trask will tell you to equip your short sword before proceeding.

In the corner of the Bridge is a backpack with another Blast Pistol.

Continue towards the escape pods. Trask will attempt to take on a Dark Jedi and get cut off from you.

You’ll come to a door in the Starboard section where Carth will tell you that there’s a squad of Sith on the other side.

Endar Spire DroidYou can either take them out by splicing the computer, repairing the droid or by throwing grenades. In the footlocker you’ll find enough Parts and Computer Spikes to repair the droid or splice the computer.

If you repair the droid don’t worry about activating his shields as he’s strong enough to take on the Sith without it.

Continue through the corridors and enter into the last available Escape Pod when you find it.

Once off the Endar Spire you’ll crash land into the planet below, Taris. Continue the walkthrough with Part 2: Taris here.