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Choosing Sides


Bring Tassadar and 2 Zealots to the Installation Entrance

In this mission you have plent of time to build up your base. There’s also a second area with resources to the north of your starting base. You should set up there as soon as possible.

You’ll have access to Archons in this mission, which are formed by joining two Templars together. They have a short-ranged attack which can quickly take down flying units as well as land units and have a massive force field. Before you’re ready for the final attack you should have at least 4 Archons.

Build at least 5 Scouts, 8 Shuttles, Archons, Zealots and Dragoons. When you’re ready Shuttle them all across to the enemy base in the south east corner. You can take over the central island if you want as well but it just takes more time.

Use your Scouts to distract the Zerg Colonies while you bring your Shuttles in and drop-off all of your troops. They should make short work of the Zerg.

As you approach the Installation Entrance Raynor will arrive with a Battlesheep and fleet. Make sure your Archons are ready to take him down if he gets too close.

Bring Tassadar with 2 Zealots to the Installation Entrance to complete the mission.

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