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The Amerigo


Bring Kerrigan to the Supercomputer

Kerrigan Must Survive

You must infiltrate a Terran Science Vessel and make your way to the Supercomputer. You begin the mission in the top right corner with Infested Kerrigan, 2 Elite Hydralisks and a small group of Zerglings.

This mission is made easier by the fact that Kerrigan can cloak and make it safely past most areas. She can attack while cloaked and not be hit back. Use Kerrigan to scout ahead and then bring the rest of the forces behind. Just make sure Kerrigan doesn’t run out of power or the cloak will turn off.

The path to the Supercomputer is fairly linear. Try to keep your creatures alive for as long as possible and you shouldn’t have any trouble with this mission.

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