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The Hammer Falls


Destroy the Ion Cannon
Raynor must Survive

You begin the mission in the south-east corner with just a Command Center and a handful of units. Get the SCVs gathering minerals right away and then build up your base as usual.

Protect the two entrances to this base with Bunkers and Turrets. There are two Terran groups, the Red and the White and they’ll both attack your base from the sides.

Dealing with Cloaked Units: From time to time the enemy may send cloaked Wraiths to attack your units or buildings. These can be a hassle to deal with if they’re out of sight of your Turrets. Terrans have three ways to deal with cloaked units, the first is the Turret, which you can build fairly quickly.
The second is the Command Center with attached ComSat Station. The ComSat Station can Scan areas and even detects cloaked units. Keep a hotkey for the ComSat Station and if a Wraith cloaks just scan the area. You other units will then be able to shoot it.

The third Terran detector is the Science Vessel which is capable of detecting cloaked units. You may want to bring one along when you send your units out to attack an enemy base as a couple of cloaked Wraiths can wreak havoc on your forces.

Getting to the Ion Cannon: The Ion Cannon sits on a defended platform that is separate from the rest of the map. You’ll need to fly over or use Dropships to send your units to the isolated platform. It’s defended by the White Terrans and they have Ghosts that will Lock Down your units.

The easiest path to the Ion Cannon is to take out the Red Base on the western edge and use this as a launching pad to send your Battle Cruisers and Dropships to the Ion Cannon. Once you’ve taken out a few enemy Turrets protecting the Ion Cannon you’ll be able to sneak in your Drop Ships with Tanks and Goliaths. Send them over, backed up with 3 or 4 Battle Cruisers and you should be able to push through the enemy defences.

It may take a couple of tries as the enemy Ghosts will try to Lock Down your Battle Cruisers. Keep your production going and once you establish a foothold on the Ion Cannon platform push forwards with your units until it’s destroyed.

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