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The Jacobs Installation


Retrieve Data Discs from the Confederate Network
Raynor Must Survive

For this mission you must infiltrate a Confederate base and steal the Data Discs. You begin with Raynor as a Marine, 7 regular Marines and 4 Firebats. You begin in the south-east corner of a fairly large map. There’s no base building, you only need to preserve your soldiers as they fight their way through the base.

Your Marines come equipped with Stimpacks which costs 10HP but doubles their rate of fire and increased movement speed. You can use it when you’re in a tough situation. If a Marine is getting low on HP move him to the back of the pack.

The path through the installation is fairly linear so it’s hard to get lost. Make your way to the Teleporter Pad which teleports you to a new section of the facility. Continue exploring until you find the access point to the network which will end the mission.

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