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Into the Flames


Distract the Zerg while Fenix gets into position to attack
Kill the Zerg Cerebrate
Fenix must Survive

You’ll have 15 minutes to protect the base and build up your forces until Fenix arrives with the attack force. Use this time to start summoning in Dragoons. You should have close to two units before Fenix arrives.

Once Fenix arrives in the north-east corner of the map make sure you build Scarabs for your Reavers so that they can attack. You can only build 5 Scarabs at a time for each Reaver but they do 100 damage per attack.

There’s no need to wipe out the Zerg base, you only need to destroy the Cerebrate at the southern edge of the Zerg base. It’s protected by a number of Sunken Colonies.

Push your forces through, both from the north and the west and bring them down to the southern edge of the base. You may want to leave Fenix behind because if he gets killed you’ll lose the misison. Once the Cerebrate is destroyed the mission will be complete.

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