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Higher Ground


Destroy the Zerg Colonies

You begin with a small Protoss base in the south-east corner of the map with the simple mission of wiping out all Zerg structures.

Immediately send your Scouts out to explore the south-west area of the map. There’s more lightly defended minerals and gas vents here where you can set up a second outpost.

With both bases producing resources and units you shouldn’t have any trouble building up a sizeable attack force. There’s a Zerg base in the east and another to the west. A third source of minerals and gas can be found in the center on the northern edge of the map if you really need more resources.

Wait until you have around 4 units of Dragoons and Zealots and then send them into the first Zerg base. It doesn’t really matter which one but I took out the eastern Zerg base first. Continue building units to replace the ones that you lose along the way.

Gather your forces once more and take out the second Zerg base to complete the mission.

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