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Among the ruins


Create a Spawning Pool
Create a Hydralisk Den
Protect the Chrysalis

You begin with a Hatchery, a group of Zerglings and 2 Drones in the south-west corner of the map. Once you build the Spawning Pool and Hatchery you’ll be given another mission to destroy the Terran structures in the area.

This is basically an introductory mission for the Zerg forces. A full group of Hydralisks or two should be enough to sweep through the Terran forces. There’s a second mineral patch just to the north of your main base so you can expand there for extra resources.

The Terrans have quite a few Goliaths defending their main base and a Starport in the far north so you will need Hydralisks to defeat their Wraiths. Once all Terran buildings have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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