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The Trump Card


Bring the Psi Emitter to the Enemy Base
Kerrigan must Survive

This mission is actually pretty easy once you know where to go. Your buildings in the north, the Science Facility and Starport will be attacked by Siege Tanks almost immediately. If you want to keep them functioning you’ll need to move them closer to your main base.

The SCV with the Psi Emitter should be somewhere in the center of your main base next to Kerrigan. You also begin with a Science Vessel. Use the Science Vessel to place a Defensive Matrix on the SCV with the Psi Emitter and Cloak Kerrigan. You can now bring both the SCV and Kerrigan across to the enemy base. Kerrigan can place Lock Down on enemies that attack the SCV. Here’s the path you need to take.

One the SCV with the Psi Emitter reaches the targeted area in the enemy base you’ll win the mission.

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