Stardew Valley Walkthrough

The Calico Desert is not initially available. To go there you’ll need to complete the Vault Bundles which become available after completing four other Bundles from any of the other sets. The Vault Bundles only require Gold to complete although you will need a lot of it. 42,500 Gold to be exact! Once you’ve finished the Vault Bundle the Bus Stop becomes available and you’ll be able to take a trip to the Calico Desert.

You can also repair the Bus Stop by joining the Joja Community and purchasing the Bus Repair Option for 40,000 Gold. Either way it will cost you a lot of Gold. Once the Bust Stop is ready you’ll be able to buy a Calico Desert ticket for 500 Gold.

Sights to See in Calico Desert

Calico Desert contains a few places of interest. Just walking around you should be able to find Cactus Fruits and Coconuts which are quite valuable back in Pelican Town.

Sandy’s Oasis

Sandy has her own shop in the Desert called the Oasis. She sells seeds and a unique item depending on the day, including Honey, Deluxe Speed-Gro, Omni Geode, Ice Cream and Quality Retaining Soil.


The Pool can be found in the north west part of Calico Desert. This is where you can fish for Sandfish and find chests with nice loot.


The Casino will be blocked initially. You can gain access to it by completing the Quest “The Mysterious Qi”. Inside the Casino you’ll be able to play the slot machines and a form of Blackjack. You can also buy a number of items from the store, including the Statue of Endless Legend that produces a random item each day.

Skull Cavern

To the north west can be found a cave in a cliff face. This is Skull Cavern but it can only be accessed with the Skull Key which is found on the last level of the Mines. The day after entering the Skull Cavern you’ll be given a quest by Mr. Qi to reach level 25. There’s no limit to how far you can descend in these caverns but the monsters are a fair bit tougher than those in the mines. The chance of finding Iridium in the Skull Caverns increases every 10 levels you go down.

Galaxy Sword

Undoubtedly the best sword in the game, the Galaxy Sword can be found by bringing a Prismatic Shard to the center of the three pillars.

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