Stardew Valley Walkthrough

The Mines are to the north east corner of the map and contain 120 levels for you to explore. The mines provide another area of the game where you can gather resources and find unique items. It also gives you a chance to practice your fighting skills, take on some big bosses and level up.

Some tips for entering the mines:

  • Explore the mines during the Winter when you have less to do on your farm.
  • The further you go into the mines the better the equipment
  • Descend the mines by finding the hole in the floor with a ladder which may be hidden under some rocks or a mob
  • The level of the mine will be displayed on the top left of the screen
  • Elevator doors can be found every five floors, giving you quick access to the other levels
  • Look out for the small rooms every ten levels that contain unique items and loot
  • Once you enter the mines you’ll receive a health bar
  • Combat does not expend any energy but breaking rocks will

The Mines will take quite some time to explore so don’t try to do it all in one go. You won’t be able to go into the mines until the old man to move out of the way. After a few seasons he should be finished with his work and you’ll be able to enter the mines.

Inside the mines you’ll find an old wise man who’ll give you a Rusty Sword and a quest. The quest is called Initiation and you complete it by descending to the second level and killing at least one slime. Go home and sleep and you’ll receive a letter in the mail with the quest. You’ll need to kill another 10 slimes to finish the quest. This will unlock the Adventurer’s Guild where you can sell loot dropped by monsters.

The mines are not just about killing monsters though. It’s a great place to practice your mining and gather minerals. There are different ores the further you descend.

The mines are broadly separated into various sections. Here’s some of what you can find in the mines:

Levels 1 to 29 – These are the easiest levels of the mines. The area is bright making it easy to see and the levels aren’t too large. Combat is fairly easy but you might want to take along some defensive items just in case. In the upper levels of the mines you’ll mostly find Copper Ore and Quartz.

Levels 30 to 39 – It’s dark here and bats roam the corridors. They often attack in flocks making them harder to deal with. Every now and again a mist will appear bringing with it more mobs to attack. Make sure you have some nice defensive equipment before defending this far. Copper Ore remains the most abundant ore on these levels.

Levels 40 to 69 -These are the ice levels. You won’t have to worry about light here as everything will be lit up for you. Rocks are harder to break on these levels but you’ll also find Iron Ore and the Frozen and Omni Geodes.

Levels 70 to 79 – This is the Castle area. The enemies are tougher and you’ll encounter Skeletons that can target you from a distance.

Levels 80 to 120 – The final levels of the mine.

Mine Treasures

On your way through the mines you’ll come across a number of treasures. Some of which will prove very useful. Here’s a list of the main treasures that you’ll find. Generally they are found every 10 levels down.

Level 10 – Leather Boots

Level 20 – Steel Smallsword

Level 40 – Slingshot

Level 50 – Tundra Boots

Level 60 – Crystal Dagger

Level 70 – Master Slingshot

Level 80 – Firewalker Boots

Level 90 – Obsidian Edge

Level 100 – Stardrop

Level 110 – Space Boots

Level 120 – Skull Key

That’s all for the mines. Enjoy your adventures down there and if there’s anything you’d like to add please let me know.

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