Stardew Valley StardropStardrops are extremely rare and powerful items that increase your energy bar and allow you to do more work throughout the day. These Stardrops are difficult to find and you’ll have to spend a long time searching for them.

In total their are 7 Stardrops to discover in Stardew Valley. Here’s a list of how to find them all.

Stardrop 1: The Lover’s Gift

Once you get married your partner will have 12 available hearts instead of the usual 10. Give gifts to your partner until all 12 hearts are full. Continue giving gifts and they will eventually respond by giving you a Stardrop.

Stardrop 2: The Mines

Deep in the Mines is another Stardrop but you’ll need to travel far to find it. In fact you’ll need to descend all the way to level 100 to find this Stardrop.

Stardrop 3: The Sewer

Once you have access to the Sewer you’ll be able to talk to Krobus who sells a Stardrop for 20,000 Gold.

Stardrop 4: The Museum

If you are able to find one of every Artifact and Mineral and donate them to the Museum you’ll be given a Stardrop as a reward. There’s 105 items in total to find and donate.

Stardrop 5: Secret Woods

The forests to the west are home to the Secret Woods.  To get access to it chop up the log that’s blocking the side path. Inside the Secret Woods you’ll find a Statue. Give the Statue a Sweet Gem Berry for a Stardrop. You can buy Sweet Gem Berries from cart vendors who sell them for 14,000 Gold or buy a Rare Seed and plant it in the early days of fall.

Stardrop 6: Stardew Valley Fair

Complete mini games at the fair on the 16th of Fall to receive Star Tokens. Once you’ve collected 2,000 Star Tokens you’ll be able to hand them in for a Stardrop.

Stardrop 7: Master Angler

The last Stardrop is found by catching every type of fish in Stardew Valley. Once you’ve caught them all Willy will send you a letter containing a Stardrop.

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