Stray is an adventure game by BlueTwelve Studio featuring a cute little cat trying to find its way back home through an underground cybercity. It’s a third-person game and the cat movement is quite fluid. You’ll be able to navigate through the environment with agility and grace.

There are 12 chapters or parts to this game. Some of the areas are open to explore, such as the Slums and Midtown, while others are more linear. Most of the chapters have Memories that you can find as you explore the world. There are also various Badges for completing certain tasks. These will be described in more detail i the walkthrough below.

Stray Walkthrough

Inside the Wall (Chapter 1)

Dead City (Chapter 2)

The Flat (Chapter 3)

The Slums (Chapter 4)

Rooftops (Chapter 5)

The Slums Part 2 (Chapter 6)

Dead End (Chapter 7)

The Sewers (Chapter 8)

Antvillage (Chapter 9)

Midtown (Chapter 10)

Jail (Chapter 11)

Control Room (Chapter 12)