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Main Objectives

Find Zbaltazar.

Climb to the top of Antvillage and enter Midtown.

Optional Objectives

Find Memory 17/27 and Memory 18/27.

Give 3 plants to Malo for the Plant Badge.


Baladin guards the entrance to Antvillage but he’ll recognize you as the one who contacted them earlier. When you walk across the bridge Memory 17/27 will be automatically triggered.

B-12 won’t feel like talking at the moment so you’ll need to go up and see Zbaltazar first. Keep climbing up the ladders until you see him in meditation.

After the talk continue walking along to the right. Drop down to the pipe and take the Yellow Flower.

Climb back down to the level with the robot watching TV. Look at the graffiti on the wall for the second memory, Memory 18/27.

From here jump out onto the branch. Walk along it and pick up the Purple Flowers.

From the level with the painter and the two robots playing the board game jump down the wooden beams to the ground below.

Follow the pipe and barrels across to the two robots searching through the rubbish. Take the Red Flowers from the tree and then head back.

Climb up past Zbaltazar until you find Malo watering the plants. Talk to him to find out he’s missing a few colours. Give him the 3 flowers and he’ll reward you with the Plant Badge.

Continue climbing up until you can walk along a pipe through a hole in the wall into Midtown.

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