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Main Objectives

Place the transceiver on top of the tallest building in the Slums.

Optional Objectives

Find the 3 Memories


Ride the bucket across the gap and notice the Zurks nearby. Walk to the right side and meow at them to attract their attention. When they start chasing you run back and then across the central beams to the other side.

Jump onto the white box and then onto the scaffolding to the roof. Jump onto the wall on the right and notice the Zurks in the far left corner.

Drop down and use the same trick as before. Meow at the Zurks to draw their attention and then run over the central beam to the other side.

Jump onto the air-conditioning unit and then onto the roof. Continue forwards and then take a side path for the first memory. Jump to the higher roof, across to a pipe and then up to a higher building where you’ll find Memory 9/27.

Turn around and jump across to the beam. It will swing around a little. Jump to the roof and back to the beam so it swings all the way around to the right so you can get onto the next rooftop.

Stand in the barrel and roll it across to the left. Jump on top of it and then onto another moving beam. Continue across the beams to another rooftop and then into a fenced off yard.

Hack the door and wait for the Zurks to get attracted to you. When they’re all by the fence hack the door again to open this side and close the gate behind them. Quickly jump across the gap in the center to trap the Zurks on this side.

You’ll then be free to roll the barrel close to the scaffolding and jump onto the roof. Head across the crane and drop down to the tall building. Climb up the scaffolding and push the beam over so you can walk across it. Go through the vent into the building.

Climb up the boxes on the left and then onto the plank so you can get across the fence. Take a look down and plan what you are going to do.

There are Zurks to the right and some straight ahead. You need to dodge past them and make your way to the scaffolding in the far right corner.

Continue along the scaffolding to the next section and dodge around the next set of Zurks to more scaffolding.

Jump across the moving beam and then up to the next level of the building. Run to the other side, past the trapped Zurk, and check out the sign for Memory 10/27.

Hack the gate to let the Zurk out and run around so you can jump up and over the fence into the yard where the Zurk where trapped. They should get trapped on the other side of the fence and won’t bother you.

Roll the barrel out, jump up to the beams and jump up to the next level. On the level above lure the Zurk down one path and then run along a different path to try and avoid being jumped on.

Jump up the scaffolding and run across the beam to the next level. Drop down and pull the Switch to activate the lift. You’ll need to wait for the elevator to lower. Unfortunately Zurk will be chasing you while you wait.

The lift will take about 30 seconds to lower. Once it’s on this level jump onto one of the boxes and then up over the cage into the lift. Use the elevator and ride it to the top.

The gate doesn’t open so jump over the fence onto the top floor. Place the Transceiver and wait for it to activate.

Walk towards the bucket ride back down to the Slums and you’ll automatically trigger Memory 11/27. Ride the bucket down to end the chapter.

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