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Main Objectives

Find a way into the control room.

Open the sealed doors and escape.

Optional Objectives

Find Memory 27/27.


Once the train stops the doors will open automatically. Head outside and up the two sets of stairs to the sealed doors. The greeter robot is still standing by the doors. It tells you to go to the control room if you have any problems.

Go up the next set of stairs and take a look out the window for a view of Midtown and the Slums.

The control room door is sealed shut. Let B-12 examine the control panel on the right. He’ll tell you that only humans can enter. Bring the little square robot over to the left control panel and have B-12 use the control panel on the right to open the left panel. Jump onto the square robot and scratch at the wires to unseal the doors.

Head through into the control room. When you enter you’ll automatically receive Memory 27/27. Inspect the main computer at the far end of the room, under the white “control room” map. You need to disable the lockdown by activating all the computers.

Turning on the computers is quite easy. Just walk along the keyboards to turn on each section. Do this for each of the three rows.

B-12 will tell you that he’s found a way to open the city. The roof control system is locked with 3 locks. You’ll need to help B-12 hack the machines. Take a look around and you’ll see the locked stations.

For the station above jump onto the desk to the right and interact with the top panel to move it out of the way. Then scratch at the wires to disable it.

Turn around to see the second locked station.

Jump onto the cabinet and push over the panel. Scratch at the wires inside to disable the lock.

The third station is by the window behind the rows of computers.

Scratch at the panel to knock it open and then scratch at the wires to disable the lock. B-12 will take damage and you’ll need to carry him to the roof control station by the window.

B-12 will end the lockdown and open the roof. You can stand by the window and watch it open completely if you want. It takes a couple of minutes. When you’re ready leave the control room and go back down to the robot greeter and head outside.

Run up the steps to freedom and you’ll complete this game. Congratulations on making it through all 12 chapters of Stray!

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