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Power Seals: 1

When you drop down into the Catacombs you’ll meet your first Phobekin. You’ll see more of these little guys later. For now make your way to the right. When you get to the spot with a breakable block preventing access to the exit above jump up to break the block and head up.

Up here you’ll find a large Crystal. Drop back down and continue to the right. A few screens over a Mage will lock the Exit. You’ll need to kill all the enemies to unlock the exit to the right before continuing. Make your way down past the crusher, through the water and up the other side. On the next screen you’ll find the first shop.

Checkpoint #1 (Shop)

Dodge under the spiked ball and continue to the right. When you drop down the gap stop halfway and break the two blocks on the left side. Head one screen to the left for Power Seal #2.

Dodge past the platforms with the spikes to grab it and then the two doors will open, making it easier to get back. Drop down the gap to the bottom and continue to the right.
You’ll need to swim through pools of water and avoid a few spike traps. Then head up two screens and continue to the right across the moving platforms to the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint #2

Drop down and make your way around the caverns the only way you can go. Take the platform across the gap and find the Green Vase in the next screen if you need health.

Make your way up and take the only exit in the top right. In the next screen fight your way to the bottom left and break the block so you can drop down.

You’ll start another fight with the Mages. They’ll block the exit so you need to kill them before continuing. Head down and then to the right to the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint #3

Once you pass the Checkpoint a spiked wall will follow along behind you. Keep moving to avoid being crushed. Once you can drop down you’ll be safe.

Climb up the ledge on the next screen and take the exit at the top. Then make your way down on the next screen and break the block at the bottom so you can continue.

Head up the next screen and then over to the right. Drop down and continue to the right to the final Shop.

Ruxxtin Boss Fight

Ruxxtin is a mage that floats on his skull platform. He’s fairly easy to kill if you take your time.

Ruxxtin will either shoot fireballs from the ground, float on the skull platform and shoot a laser downwards or stand on the highest ledge and drop down fireballs.

When he’s on the ground jump over the fireballs and hit him. When he’s on the skull platform cling onto the side walls and jump across to hit him. When he’s on the top platform hide under the moving skull platform. Pretty soon Ruxxtin will fall and you can move on to the next level.

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