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What Happens?

During the prologue you’ll be shown a tutorial on how to follow people and spy on them. You’ll also be taken back in time to see the same event unfolding from two different perspectives.

When you wake up after the prologue you’ll be able to wander around and explore the chapel for yourself. Your mask will start burning if you’re close to a door and there’s someone in the next room. Press [SPACE] to listen and see if anyone is walking or talking nearby.

Shortly after the day begins Reginald will enter the room with the safe and search around for something. You’ll notice something drop on the floor as he’s searching. Then he’ll move to the main room of the chapel.

The staff member will walk around for a bit and then pick up the shotgun from the case in the room across from where you begin. He’ll walk into the main room and shoot Reginald, then the day will begin again.

The Solution

Wait for Reginald to open the safe and fumble around for something. When he leaves pick up the Blank Cartridge and head to the room across the hall from where you began. You’ll need to get there before the staff member enters the room. Walk up to the case with the Shotgun and use the Blank Cartridge. You’ll load the shotgun with the blank.

The game cuts to the end of the day. This time Reginald survives the attack and knocks out the staff member with a vase. When you walk in he fixes the Pocketwatch, giving you access to the full 12 hours each day. You’ll also pick up his mask which gives you the ability to wake up at any of the clocks around the hotel.

After completing this introductory mission you’ll wake up in the hotel lobby.

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