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Once you take the lift down to the basement things will get a little bit weird. There’s no more spying on people and trying to figure out how to save them but there are a few puzzles to solve.

Head to the east until you find the Lady in Red. She’ll tell you that you need to find a way to open the door. Take a look at the sets of wires. There are three, two going off to the left and one off to the right.

If you head through the right door you’ll come to a hall with three doors and a statue. The statue is missing an arm which you’ll pick up in a minute. The other doors are not necessary but you can pick up a couple of Cards. Run on the gramophone and a Card will fall down. Pick up the Roulette Ball in the robot room and use it in the room with the pinball machine for another Card.

Go back to the main room and head to the left.  You’ll come to a hall with four doors. The red and brown wires go to two of the rooms.  Enter the room with the brown wire.

To turn the machine off you need to press the buttons in the correct order. First hit the button top left, the one underneath it, far right, bottom left and center. The buttons will light up green when you hit them in the right order and power will run through the brown wire to the door.

Leave the room and enter the door with the red wires going into it. Pick up the Cocktail Goblet, fill it with water and water the plant. Nothing will happen now but when the day resets it will grow bigger.

Go back to the room with the locked door and head south. Go down the hall to the hub room with four doors and go through the north door to the kitchen. Open the dumbwaiter to find an Arm.

Run back to the statue and attach the Arm. When you pull on the arm the statue will disappear, revealing a door behind it. Go through the door to a graveyard. The flowers need to be placed in front of the right gravestones. Trial and error works well or just look at the picture below. You only need to place four of the flowers. They will take root when place in the right location.

Once the flowers are placed the right side of the door will get powered. Restart the day and run back to the room with the tree. Water the tree again and then restart the day for a third time. Water the tree again and this time it will generate power through the red cord.

Now that power is going through all of the wires the door will open. Head through the door for a cut-scene with the Lady in Red. She’ll give you a Sapphire Tear Ring.

After the cut-scene you’ll be back at the basement lift. Head to the east and then north through the kitchen. Continue through the rooms until you find a secret passage. Go through and head up the stairs. Follow the hall back into the Poison Bar.

Head left to the ballroom and shatter the colored glass at the back. Go down through the garden and through the gate at the end. Walk up to the house and use the Sapphire Tear Ring on the door.

When you go through the door you’ll be back in the lobby but the mansion will be on fire. Make your way through the mansion again. At one point you’ll need to use the Clock and restart the day so you can get through one of the doors before the fire flares up too much.

Head through the mansion and go back through the garden. Open the door to the small house again. This time you’ll talk to the Lady in Red. You’ll pick up her mask which gives you the power to go through the mirrors.

After the Gold Skull Man gives you an overview of the day and you get control again go to the lift/incinerator and head up the stairs. Use the Ruby Heart Ring on the doors. Go through the door which leads back to the Chapel. Head to the back of the chapel and break the stained glass. You’ll see another cut-scene showing what really happened.

Saving the Marquis

Just wait for the scene to play out and when it repeats you’ll be able to move. Wait for the Marquis to put the bomb on the table and then leave the room. Quickly climb down the ladder and use the Pocketwatch on the bomb.

Reset the day and you’ll be in the room where the bomb starts the day. Pick up the Wire Cutters and use them on the bomb to diffuse the bomb. The Marquis will be saved and the day will end.

At the end of the cut-scene you’ll have the option to end the day once and for all or to enter back into the mansion. If you go back into the mansion you’ll be able to explore the mansion and collect all of the cards and invitations. You’ll need them if you want to try the second ending.

Second Ending

There’s a room to the east of the ballroom that has been locked for the entire game. When you have all of the collectibles enter the room and play cards with the man at the table. The day will reset and everyone will be dancing in the ballroom.

Congratulations on completing The Sexy Brutale!