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Treasure Room

Lara’s Home is where you can practice your moves and learn how to control Lara. There are a few goodies you can find here including Lara’s Treasure room and a Race Track. To get access to the Treasure Room you first need to push a Button behind the diving board in the room with the pool.

This will open a closet near to the main entrance. You’re not on a timer here so you can take your time.

Inside the closet is a Switch. When you pull it a door will open and then close fairly quickly behind you. To keep the door open for long enough pull the lever once, wait for the lever to reset and pull it again quickly. Now the door needs to close before it opens again, giving you more time.

Do a roll and sprint towards the door. You should have just enough time to make it into the Treasure Room where you’ll find some of Lara’s treasures from Tomb Raider 1 to 3 including a T. Rex Trophy, The Atlantean Scion and The Dagger of Xian.

Race Track

Before going for the Racetrack Key you’ll want to grab the Flares from Lara’s bedroom. You can find them in the closet. You’ll also want to lure the Butler outside and close the door to keep him locked outside. He has a habit of getting in the way otherwise.Run up the stairs to the top and push the Button next to the door on the right.

Don’t go through the door as you’ll be coming back through the other way. Instead roll, run forwards and enter the lounge room on the left. Head up the steps on the left to the library. On a bookshelf on the right you’ll notice a Book that’s standing out from the rest.

Use the Action key to pull it out. This puts out the fire in the fireplace for a few seconds. Roll and run into the fireplace. Turn left and climb up the wall to the top. Get off on the right side and run down the passage, dropping down the blocks to the bottom.

Pull out the blue wooden block once and pick up the Flares behind it. Climb up the ledge on the left and pull out the second blue wooden block twice. Go to the side of it and push it into the corner.

Now begins the timed section. Once you pull the Switch on the right you’ll have about 28 seconds to make it through the basement door. As soon as you pull the Switch you can press the look button ‘0’, to get Lara’s perspective. Roll and run through the passage that you just cleared. Go left down the stairs and through the open door back to the main hall. Jump over the railing to the ground floor, turn around and head through the basement door.

Pick up the Flares and continue down the steps to the aquarium. When you enter this room you want to push the wooden block forward once and then to the right once. Pull up onto the block and then onto the passage above. Drop down into the aquarium and swim to the right around to the other side and pick up the Ractetrack Key from the sand.

Make your way out of the basement and head out the front door. Run to the right towards the hedges. Use the Racetrack Key to open the gate to the track and go through. Jump on the Quad Bike and have fun!

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